Hitting The Road Towing a Small Temporary Home is Quite an Experience.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

So you have decided against staying in hotels, Airbnb’s, VRBO's or other accommodation's and want to rent or borrow someone's Travel Trailer? You are in for an adventure that may lead to many more or end your dream of living out of one when you retire.

Sometimes bigger isn't better

On a trip my family and I made last summer we decided to visit to find a towable trailer at a very last minutes notice. We were headed from Colorado and planned to pick one up in Cheyenne, WY to take North to Grand Teton National Park, followed by Yellowstone National Park. It seemed like a great plan and a perfect way to travel during a pandemic but little did we know it would turn into a bit of a nightmare at times.

Stopping in Cheyenne to pickup our 24 ft. travel trailer we were met with a huge 34-38 ft. monster. Don't get me wrong it was loaded down with all the amenities and appeared to be accommodations you would want, but maybe for a family of 8 vs. our family of 4. Overjoyed by all the bells and whistles and potential of such a great place to stay on our trip, we hooked her up and headed out.

Since most of the day was gone we only drove about 2 hours and stayed the night in a Walmart parking lot in Laramie, WY. To our surprise so did about 10 or so other roaming campers on their way to similar adventures we guessed. The best thing was that night we stayed free of charge and were surrounded by other outdoor enthusiasts. We would have loved to meet them, except we were in the middle of a pandemic and it was “keep to yourself to stay safe“ times for sure. The drive seemed ok except that our GMC Yukon felt a little sluggish and the wind never seemed to stop, which made the trailer sway a lot more than I would have liked.

Starting early the next morning we headed out for Jackson Hole, WY for our first campground. Problem was our 3 nights stay wouldn't work since we had a much larger Trailer than we thought and had made reservations for. That left us scrambling to find another place to stay our 3rd night as well as all future reservations we had booked in and around Yellowstone. We were also traveling with a vehicle for our Private Guided Tour business so my wife had to drive and neither of us could use our friend Google except when we stopped and had service.

That day's 5 hour predicted trip took over 8 hours due to of course more wind and a trailer that was probably too big for our vehicle in hindsight. Thank goodness for the sights along the way including a cattle drive (literally on part of the highway), numerous animals (including antelope, deer and a moose), and the majestic sight of the growing Teton mountain range we were about to enjoy. All this kept us just pushing forward to our destination and future adventures.