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Now is a great time to plan your visit to Yellowstone National Park!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

We are in unprecedented times but that doesn't mean you can't travel, it just means there is probably going to be more planning involved. You may not be traveling this "Spring Break" but summer is just around the corner. Just thinking about your upcoming plans should lite a spark moving you towards a positive mood and something to look forward to in the near future.

A trip to Yellowstone can be the dream of a lifetime come true. Last year I took my family for the first time and while it was a lot of work and we ran into a bunch of issues; our kids would tell you they loved every minute of it! By planning ahead and ensuring you have an itinerary, you can avoid a lot of the issues we came across when we were mostly just winging it. This National Park contains more than 2 million acres of lakes, geysers, rivers, waterfalls, & views that will take your breath away.


What we loved most on our trip to Yellowstone was the wildlife. A drive thru Lamar Valley will ensure the sightings of some amazing animals. Be sure to get out early in the morning or visit near dusk for your best chances at locating some that are rarely seen. Or better yet plan a Guided tour from Yellowstone Dreamin Adventures with someone that lives here and can ensure you make the best use of your time in the park.


You definitely won't want to miss seeing the amazing geothermal side of Yellowstone National Park. From Old Faithful to some mesmerizing paint pots you will not be disappointed. While it is hard to avoid the crowds around Old Faithful it is worth it to view the amazing eruption that is almost like clockwork. The Norris Geyser Basin will also be a hit to explore paint pots, geysers, & hot springs.


Good luck planning and definitely reach out to us if you need any insider information. Yellowstone Dreamin Camp & Adventures would love to be part of your first or upcoming visit to the area.

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